Buy CLEVO Laptops and IT-Hardware securely with Bitcoin

Bitcoin Payment Information

As an innovative IT and hardware provider, we allow payment for your order with Bitcoin, the world's leading cryptocurrency. Below, we explain how you can order CLEVO laptops, custom-assembled PCs, and IT hardware from us and securely pay with Bitcoin.

How can you pay for your order with Bitcoin?

Proceed with your order as usual: Add the desired items to your cart, go to checkout, and select "SecPay – Pay safely and quickly with Bitcoin" as your payment method. After clicking on "Next" and then "Order with obligation to pay", the Bitcoin amount and the wallet address to which you need to send the Bitcoins will be displayed. Your order will only be forwarded to us after we receive the Bitcoin payment.

After placing your order, you have 5 minutes to transfer the outstanding Bitcoin amount. If the Bitcoin amount is not received within these 5 minutes, your order will not be forwarded to us, and you will have to place the order again.

How can you find out the current Bitcoin-to-Euro exchange rate for your order?

At checkout, upon selecting the payment method "SecPay – Pay safely and quickly with Bitcoin", the Bitcoin sum and the underlying exchange rate will be displayed to you.

Why pay with Bitcoin?

  • Security: Bitcoin is a reliable and secure payment method that reduces the risk of chargebacks and fraud.
  • Privacy: Your financial details remain private and are not shared with third parties.
  • Global Access: With Bitcoin, customers can pay worldwide without any additional fees.
  • Innovation: Be part of the cryptocurrency movement and leverage cutting-edge financial technology.

Which partners do we work with to process the Bitcoin transaction?

We work with a very experienced partner for Bitcoin payments:

  • SecPay: They enable easy and secure acceptance of Bitcoin payments and always provide the current Euro-to-Bitcoin exchange rate. More information can be found at: