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Patriot Scorch M2 256GB, M.2
€47.49 *
Art.-Nr.: SW12344
Patriot P200 256GB, SATA
Not available !
€54.00 *
Art.-Nr.: SW12342
Patriot Scorch M2 512GB, M.2
€76.59 *
Art.-Nr.: SW12345
Patriot P200 512GB, SATA
€81.00 *
Art.-Nr.: SW12341
Patriot P200 1TB, SATA
€145.00 *
Art.-Nr.: SW12340
Patriot P200 2TB, SATA
Not available !
€256.00 *
Art.-Nr.: SW12339
Patriot portable SSD EVLVR 512GB, Thunderbolt 3
€277.00 *
Art.-Nr.: SW12313
Patriot portable SSD EVLVR 1TB, Thunderbolt 3
€286.00 *
Art.-Nr.: SW12314