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6-33-N14W1-0L1 HINGE-L CLEVO N141CU
€6.37 *
Art.-Nr.: SW12726
6-33-N14W1-0R1 HINGE-R CLEVO N141CU
€6.37 *
Art.-Nr.: SW12727
6-42-N14W1-021 CCD LENS PMMA CLEVO N14x
Only 3 in stock !
€6.53 *
Art.-Nr.: SW14806
6-42-N14W1-031 CCD W/IR LENS PMMA CLEVO N14x
Only 1 in stock !
€6.53 *
Art.-Nr.: SW14807
6-39-N1411-011 LCD FRONT COVER CLEVO N141ZU N141CU
Only 1 in stock !
€24.70 *
Art.-Nr.: SW12714
6-43-N14W1-013-N WIRE CABLE FOR EDP 400MM (I )30V 30P TO 40P CLEVO N141CU
€26.00 *
Art.-Nr.: SW12728
6-49-N24J3-010 TOUCH PAD CLEVO N13x N14x N24x W51x
€32.50 *
Art.-Nr.: SW12719
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