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6-40-P7508-030 Front Cover Screw Mylar CLEVO N87xEJ1
In stock !
€5.00 *
Art.-Nr.: SW11703
6-43-N8701-010-2N WIRE CABLE FOR EDP 450MM 19V 30PIN CLEVO N87x PA7x
In stock !
€20.00 *
Art.-Nr.: SW11648
6-43-N87K1-010-1N WIRE CABLE FOR EDP 4K 450MM 19V 30PIN CLEVO N870HP6
Only 2 in stock !
€20.00 *
Art.-Nr.: SW13253
6-39-N87K2-013 TOP CASE MODULE W/ FPR CLEVO N870Ex N870Hx
In stock !
€44.00 *
Art.-Nr.: SW11676
6-7C-N870HJ10-D028-13C#10 M/B Mainboard / Motherboard CLEVO N871HK1
In stock !
€529.00 *
Art.-Nr.: SW11700
6-7C-N870HK10-D028-12C#10 Mainboard / Motherboard CLEVO N870HK1
In stock !
€679.00 *
Art.-Nr.: SW11629