Dear customers, in the period from 15.07.22 to 01.08.22 we have company holidays. During this time the shop will remain closed, but you are welcome to place your order via our online shop. In the period up to 15.07.22 we are open and will complete all orders that reach us by 07.07.22 and send them to you before the company vacation. We thank you for your loyalty and understanding, your CLEVO Computer Team.
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ASROCK DESKMINI 310/B/BB Intel H310M-STX S1151 black 2xSOD retail
167,07 € *
Art.-Nr.: PT28566
ECS IPC LIVA M300, 2GB RAM, 32GB SSd, FreeDOS retail
Only 1 in stock !
181,02 € *
Art.-Nr.: PT32256
231,26 € *
Art.-Nr.: PT33635
ECS LIVA Z2 N5030-0464 Mini PC 4GB/64GB black retail
241,50 € *
Art.-Nr.: PT33469
ECS LIVA Z3 Jasper N6000-128G Emmc retail
263,44 € *
Art.-Nr.: PT33470
ECS LIVA Q3 Plus R1505G-0464 Mini PC AMD 4GB/64GB black
284,07 € *
Art.-Nr.: PT33471
ECS LIVA Q3Plus-V1605 Mini PC AMD 8GB/128GB black
425,45 € *
Art.-Nr.: PT33022
ASROCK 4x4 BOX-5300U/EU/AI AMD Ryzen 5300U retail
430,19 € *
Art.-Nr.: PT33416
ASROCK NUC BOX-1115G4 Intel 11th Gen(Tiger Lake) G-LAN V1 retail
435,99 € *
Art.-Nr.: PT33440
ASROCK 4x4 BOX-4500U/EU/AI AMD Ryzen 4500U retail
509,79 € *
Art.-Nr.: PT32126
ASROCK NUC BOX-1135G7 Intel 11th Gen(Tiger Lake) G-LAN V1 retail
533,48 € *
Art.-Nr.: PT33439
ASROCK 4x4 BOX-4800U/EU/AI AMD Ryzen 4800U retail
696,34 € *
Art.-Nr.: PT32110
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