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Intel Pentium G4400, 2C/2T, 3.30GHz, tray (CM8066201927306)
Not available !
99,00 € *
Art.-Nr.: SW15547
Intel Core i3-9100T, 4C/4T, 3.10-3.70GHz, tray (CM8068403377425)
In stock !
129,00 € *
Art.-Nr.: SW15420
Intel Core i3-8300, 4C/4T, 3.70GHz, boxed (BX80684I38300)
In stock !
179,00 € *
Art.-Nr.: SW15574
Intel Core i5-11400F, 6C/12T, 2.60-4.40GHz, boxed (BX8070811400F)
Not available !
189,00 € *
Art.-Nr.: SW15459
Intel Core i5-11400, 6C/12T, 2.60-4.40GHz, boxed (BX8070811400)
In stock !
225,00 € *
Art.-Nr.: SW15450
Intel Core i5-11500, 6C/12T, 2.70-4.60GHz, boxed (BX8070811500)
In stock !
227,00 € *
Art.-Nr.: SW15451
Intel Core i5-11600K, 6C/12T, 3.90-4.90GHz, boxed without cooler (BX8070811600K)
In stock !
296,00 € *
Art.-Nr.: SW15455
Intel Core i5-11600KF, 6C/12T, 3.90-4.90GHz, boxed without cooler (BX8070811600KF)
In stock !
316,00 € *
Art.-Nr.: SW15492
Intel Core i7-11700, 8C/16T, 2.50-4.90GHz, boxed (BX8070811700)
In stock !
369,00 € *
Art.-Nr.: SW15453
Intel Core i7-11700F, 8C/16T, 2.50-4.90GHz, boxed (BX8070811700F)
In stock !
413,00 € *
Art.-Nr.: SW15490
Intel Core i7-11700K, 8C/16T, 3.60-5.00GHz, boxed without cooler (BX8070811700K)
In stock !
456,00 € *
Art.-Nr.: SW15456
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