Dear customers, in the period from 15.07.22 to 01.08.22 we have company holidays. During this time the shop will remain closed, but you are welcome to place your order via our online shop. In the period up to 15.07.22 we are open and will complete all orders that reach us by 07.07.22 and send them to you before the company vacation. We thank you for your loyalty and understanding, your CLEVO Computer Team.
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6-33-N14W1-0L1 HINGE-L CLEVO N141CU
6,37 € *
Art.-Nr.: SW12726
6-33-N14W1-0R1 HINGE-R CLEVO N141CU
6,37 € *
Art.-Nr.: SW12727
6-39-N1411-011 LCD FRONT COVER CLEVO N141ZU N141CU
Only 1 in stock !
24,70 € *
Art.-Nr.: SW12714
6-43-N14W1-013-N WIRE CABLE FOR EDP 400MM (I )30V 30P TO 40P CLEVO N141CU
26,00 € *
Art.-Nr.: SW12728
6-39-N1411-021 LCD BACK COVER CLEVO N141ZU N141CU
Only 1 in stock !
68,90 € *
Art.-Nr.: SW12725
156,00 € *
Art.-Nr.: SW12723
6-50-JBB30-G010 F10 LCD N14.0" FHD/WVA/N4/NON GT/EDP/LED AU B140HAN04.0 CLEVO N141CU
156,00 € *
Art.-Nr.: SW12724
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