Guarantee conditions


Guarantee conditions

Guarantee conditions for notebooks and PC computers supplied by CLEVO Computer.

Damages are excluded

Damage of any kind is excluded from the guarantee, in particular fall damage, liquid damage and optical damage.

Software or related issues

Software malfunctions are never covered by the warranty. If it turns out that the malfunction is software-related, we recommend that you contact the software manufacturer. If we can help you, we reserve the right to charge you for this.

Improper modifications

We strongly advise against having the conversion, repair or upgrade carried out by third parties and inexperienced persons. Damage caused by improper modification in any form is excluded from the guarantee.

Dead pixels and blinking pixels

A screen display is made up of millions of pixels. Each pixel consists of 3 sub-pixels: the colors red, green and blue. These pixels are made up of tiny transistors. In exceptional cases, pixels can light up spontaneously. The likelihood of this is low, but it can never be completely ruled out.

CLEVO Computer follows the ISO 13406-2 standard, class 2 ( This basically means that there can only be a maximum of two pixels per million pixels that are not working properly.

If the dead pixel guarantee is additionally purchased, class 1 applies for a period of 2 years from delivery. This basically means that there cannot be any dead pixels at all on the entire screen display.

Laptop battery

The warranty on the batteries of the laptops we deliver is limited to only 12 months (1 year). This is due to the nature of the product: the batteries that we supply with our laptops have Li-ion cells that wear out with use.

Accordingly, a reduction in the capacity or life of the battery is not a defect in material or workmanship, and the standard warranty does not cover changes in the capacity or life of this battery. The battery guarantee cannot be extended.

Overheating from dirt or modifications

A computer needs a supply of cool air. Every computer has at least one built-in fan that draws in cool air and / or expels warm air. When using a computer, keep all ventilation openings clear.

The guarantee is void if the laptop is exposed to the phenomenon of "overclocking". Overclocking means that the processor, graphics card or other component can be operated at a higher frequency than the originally supplied standard values.

Firmware updates

If a user carries out a firmware update independently, this is always done at their own risk. If a firmware update fails, the mainboard may be irreparably damaged and must be replaced. On request, we will try to repair the mainboard at a reasonable service cost, but a repair of an unauthorized BIOS update cannot be ruled out. At CLEVO Computer you can have the firmware updated or request instructions for the update if we consider this to be necessary for the proper functioning of your computer.

Send in the goods for repair

Always request a return in advance by email. You can find our contact details here. Please note the following requirements for your request:

1) invoice number

2) Description of the problem as detailed as possible

3) Your contact details and full address

If you send goods to CLEVO Computer for repair, please make sure that they are packed very well with more than enough filling material to avoid transport damage. Please note that this is absolutely not to be underestimated! Make sure that the goods are not recognizable from the outside as a laptop or expensive hardware. This will reduce the risk of your package being stolen.

In the event that, after receiving your warranty claim and your (portable) computer, we find that there is no warranty claim, we reserve the right to charge you for transport and examination costs.

Please do not send us anything before we have answered your request.